20 de octubre de 2020

Free Online Course on Penal Abolitionism

Registrations for our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Penal Abolitionism are open now!

In this 6-module course we will study the basic notions of penal abolitionism and its main European authors. We will see subjects such as the selective nature of criminal system, the prison industrial-complex and the abolitionist movement in Latin America. Finally, we will study restorative justice as a non punitive method for conflict resolution.

In our course you will find explanatory videoclips, material to download, suggested bibliography and discussion forums in which you will be able to interact with people from all around the world. If you succeed in at least 70% of the course activities, you will be able to obtain a free participation certificate.

Start day: November 2nd.
Duration: 6 weeks.
Language: Spanish and English.
Cost:  Non. It is for free.
To be noticed: 1) It is necessary to join MiriadaX community first; 2) You can then make the penal abolitionism course registration; 3) There is nothing to be paid in order to join this course and get the free participation certificate. The 40 euro fee refers to an optional certificate (“completion certificate”).

English course registration
Spanish course registration

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